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"O you who believe! Spend out of what We have given you" (2:254).
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40 members total

Fadiga, Amadou ('85) 0569974
Jalloh, Tejan ('87) 0569648
Jalloh, Abdul Rahaman ('91) 0569178
Bah (proprietor), Fatmat ('88) 0569076
Bah (proprietor), Mohamed ('84) 0569075
Bah, Isatu ('94) 0569072
Jalloh (priprietor), Kadiatu ('87) 0569066
Jalloh (priprietor), Isatu ('92) 0557168
Jalloh, Lamrana ('98) 0527877
Touray, Hajie ('89) 0527001
Sillah, Ibrahim ('74) 0526998
Dukuray, Hawa ('96) 0526860
Bah, Amadu (ES-Bah) ('81) 0526807
Jalloh, Mohamed ('91) 0526804
Djallo, Aguibou ('83) 0526754
Bah, MOHAMED BASQUO ('74) 0526714
Barrie, Mohamed ('87) 0526658
Jalloh, Mohamed lamrana ('81) 0526613
Jabbie, Saidu ('84) 0526611
Jalloh, Falilu ('88) 0526607
Sawaneh, Mohamed ('85) 0520148
Bah, Kadiatu (Parent) 0520055
Bah, Issaga ('81) 0520032
Kondeh, Ishaka ('89) 0520029
Jalloh, Mohamed-Mamadi ('90) 0520015


Learning & Achievement Center Fundraising


As a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, the goal of the Ansarul Alumni Association (AAA) is to provide financial, educational, technical and humanitarian support to the Ansarul Primary and Secondary Schools as well as the Ansarul Mission; leveraging the collective resources and good will of the alumni members. Please join us in this challenging but very worthy endeavor.

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Please note: Membership dues became effective on June 1, 2016. So if you are registering and paying your dues in July, you must pay $20 (Registeration) plus $10 (June) and $10 (July). So on and so forth!

We encourage all members to pay their yearly dues in full to avoid monthly recurring dues payment. Thank you!


The first Annual Meeting of the Ansarul Alumni Association (the Association) took place on May 14, 2016 at the home of Alumni member Mr. Saidu Jabbie in Bowie, Maryland. After opening prayers and resolving recent issues, the meeting was called to order.

Mr. M.C. Bah Chaired and Dr. Ibrahim Diallo served as Secretary for the meeting.


We are happy to present our new Alumni Council and Executive Committee: 

Alumni Council

Mr. Tejan Jalloh

Mr. Gandor Jalloh

Madam Isatu Bah

Mr. Lamin Bah

Madam Thomas

Dr. Ibrahim Diallo

Alhaji Ibrahim Sillah

Mr. Mahmoud Sesay

Mr. Saidu Jabbie

Mr. Osman Kondeh 

Mrs. Bassiratu Bah


We are also happy to present our Executive Committee: 

Executive Committee

Ms. Fatima Babih, President

Mr. Alie Baba Jalloh, Vice President

Mr. Mohamed Sesay, Public Relations Officer

Mr. Mamady O. Jalloh, Membership Coordinator

Mrs. Aicha Barrie, Co-Coordinator

Mr. Falilu Jaloh, General Secretary

Mrs. Fatimata L. Bah, Co-Treasurer

Mr. Idrissa Bah, Co-Treasurer


Please Register Today to read more in the minutes of the meeting and the Bylaws. Thank you!


As a member of the Ansarul Alumni Association, this is web site serves as your online community; it has been created exclusively for Ansarul alumni members to have a secure, password-protected, online environment for where you can connect with other members, pay your association dues and keep abreast of events and happenings in the Ansaraul schools, mission and Ansarul Alumni Association.

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Features include:

  • Message boards  for In Memorial, Lost/Missing Alumni, Career & Volunteer Center, Class Notes, School & Alumni News
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  • Social networking (Facebook, Skype, Twitter and LinkedIn) support

Search for friends and make new connections with the online community!

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Reunions and Events

Be sure to check out the list of reunions and events posted to the left in "Upcoming Events". 

Site Administrator / Community Manager

Site AdminFatima Wahab

Information Update

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Two Fulani philanthropists, Alhaji Chewtor Jalloh and the Late Alhaji Sajalieu Bah founded Ansarul Islamic School (Ansarul) in 1974. With the humble mission of using their hard earned wealth to provide service to mankind, the two friends established the first school in Koidu Town, under the leadership of the Late Sheikh Abu Bakarr Bah, as founding Education Secretary.

The school has been serving countless children, including many who would otherwise not have received an education. Even though the school was established on Islamic principles, it has educated children and employed teachers and staff from all religious and ethnic backgrounds.

The first Ansarul school was established as a co-educational institution, another campus was later built, which became the girls’ school. Since then, boys and girls have maintained separate campuses. Ansarul schools are now governmentsponsored schools in Koidu Town and several villages in Kono District and beyond. The desire and mission of these two friends to serve mankind by educating children has resulted in the establishment of,

300 primary schools

27 secondary schools

1 Ansarul Islamic College

1 Teachers College.

Affiliated with the Ansarul Islamic Mission, Ansarul schools have become prominent institutions in Sierra Leone. The schools’ alumni include religious leaders, doctors, nurses, diplomats, politicians, military officers, lawyers, educators, athletes, entrepreneurs & more.


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